‘Did you see…?’: Pawar hits back at nephew Ajit as NCP crisis intensifies | Top quotes

NCP chief Sharad Pawar with party leader Jayant Patil and others during the party meeting at Y B Chavan centre, in Mumbai, Wednesday, July 5, 2023,(PTI)

Addressing NCP workers at YB Chavan Center in Mumbai, Pawar called the meeting “historic” and stressed that they should keep marching ahead despite the hurdles. Amid the ongoing fight for the party’s name and symbol, Pawar also assured his supporters that the NCP symbol is “with us, it is not going anywhere.”

The factional fight of the NCP has reached the doorstep of the Election Commission with the group led by Ajit Pawar filing over 40 affidavits of MLAs and MPs in his support. Rebel NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal also earlier claimed that more than 40 MLAs were with Ajit Pawar camp but some of them couldn’t be present at the venue because were either “stuck in traffic or were in other states.” The Sharad Pawar camp, meanwhile, has reportedly filed a caveat with the poll authority urging it to hear them first before passing any directive in connection with the factional fight.

As the ‘Pawar vs Pawar’ fight intensified on Wednesday, with both camps flexing their muscles at separate meetings, here’s what the NCP chief said:

  1. “Today, the entire country is watching us…This meeting is historic for NCP. We have to keep marching ahead despite the hurdles in our way.”
  2. “24 years ago we formed this party. In these 24 years, we tried to build the party. Many, in fact, entered the assembly…some became MPs…Many new leaders emerged. They have only one emotion, which was to change the face of Maharashtra. We became successful because of your struggle and your hard work.”
  3. “Just a few days ago, they (Ajit Pawar) derided chief minister Eknath Shinde, saying they haven’t seen such a CM in all these years, but today they have joined him,” Sharad Pawar said.
  4. “The party symbol is with us, it is not going anywhere. The people and party workers who brought us to power are with us.”
  5. Hitting out at Ajit Pawar, the NCP chief said, “Some people made speeches today…did you see the photograph in the meeting….my photographs.”
  6. “Ajit Pawar should have spoken to me if he had any problems. If he had something on his mind he could have approached me.”
  7. “We weren’t taken into confidence by the MLAs who decided to split. Ajit Pawar faction has not followed any procedure.”

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